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At ADAMIETZ, we aim to create a future in which sustainability is fundamental. Our values include social responsibility, environmental protection and corporate governance.

Corporate governance

We set the bar high at ADAMIETZ, which is why we have put in place our Code of Ethics that defines and shapes attitudes and methods of operating. Principles based on integrity and ethics provide a solid basis for relationships with customers, business partners and also the local community.

We create an atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation with our employees. Their commitment and values are key to our success. Therefore, we provide a space where everyone can share their ideas and suggestions. At ADAMIETZ, we value diversity and together strive for sustainability.

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Project quality

The highest quality of projects is a priority for us at every stage of the project we handle. Thanks to our qualified staff and modern technology, we monitor each process thoroughly, taking care of the smallest details. Each project is subject to rigorous standards, ensuring that Customers receive the care and quality they expect and every order carried out by ADAMIETZ is covered by a warranty.

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Occupational health and safety

Safe working conditions not only protect employees, but also translate into efficiency and success for the organisation. At ADAMIETZ, it is a priority to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, so we take all necessary measures to meet the highest OHS standards and promote a culture of safety at the facilities. Training, protective equipment and hazard-free workstations are all essential elements of daily OHS focus at ADAMIETZ.

We strive to create a working environment based on the principles of equality. We believe that every employee should be provided with opportunities and possibilities for development and acting against any form of discrimination is our priority. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and treating all employees with respect and dignity.

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At ADAMIETZ, the development and improvement of competence is a priority. We provide extensive professional and educational development opportunities for all employees. We support our staff in acquiring new skills and qualifications that allow them to develop further.

Clear criteria for promotion are key for us. We are working on a transparent work evaluation system based on objective criteria. We strive to ensure that promotions are based on performance and competence, giving our employees confidence that their efforts and commitment are recognised.

Contracts that guarantee a sense of stability are a standard for us. We create professional relationships based on long-term trust, providing our employees with job stability and a secure future.

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Environmental protection

At ADAMIETZ environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainability are a priority. That is why we are consistently developing and investing in modern environmentally friendly technologies that minimise our impact on the planet.

We methodically choose low-carbon materials and take measures to reduce the use of water and other natural resources. Our facilities are designed and constructed with minimisation of negative environmental impact in mind. We provide the answer to investors’ ecological needs in the form of passive building design. Our projects are optimised for energy and thermal efficiency, which help create ecological, more environmentally friendly buildings.

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Fair market practices

At ADAMIETZ, we are committed to complying with high ethical standards and being transparent in our operations. Our market practices follow the rules and guidelines of Polish and European law.

We provide our customers with full access to the necessary information about our products and services. We believe that transparency and honesty are key to building trust and long-term relationships with our clients.

We believe that integrity and an ethical approach to market practices are key to building a stable business.

Social commitment

We are proud of our collaboration with local charities that work to improve the living conditions of local communities. Together we are implementing community projects, focusing on areas most in need. We believe in solidarity and cooperation as a driving force for positive change.

Our educational programmes are aimed at the young, because we believe that investing in their development brings long-term social benefits. We organise workshops, contests and events that stimulate children’s creativity and develop their skills.

Supporting local businesses is important to us, because we know that their success translates into the development of the whole community. That is why we prefer to work with local suppliers and businesses, supporting their growth and giving a boost to the local economy.

In times of crisis, we rise to the challenge by offering support to those in need. We initiate actions that help local communities overcome difficulties by providing material, financial or logistical assistance.

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Charity work is an integral part of our social commitment. We support both individual needs and locally based charities, associations and aid centres. We believe that our responsibility as a company extends beyond the business operations.

We place an emphasis on creating a valuable environment for both our employees and local communities. We place great importance on promoting entertainment and sport among our teams, creating an atmosphere that fosters integration and builds strong bonds. By organising a variety of events and activities, we invest in our employees, building positive energy and inspiring them to achieve new goals.

At the same time, as part of our external sponsorship, we engage in social, cultural and sporting initiatives that not only integrate our staff, but also create lasting relationships with local communities. By supporting a variety of events and activities, we contribute to their success and development, making our contribution to building a better tomorrow.