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Production and warehouse buildings

Get a finished and functional building that suits your business in 100%

Get full support in a 360° format where we create the project concept, handle all the necessary paperwork and own the responsibility for construction and handover for operation.

Our production and warehouse buildings have been supporting the business of Polish and foreign companies for almost 30 years.

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Why choose us?

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We develop the concept and a detailed action plan that conforms to the nature of your business, its needs and capabilities.

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We will prepare the necessary documents and secure the necessary permits so that your project is in legal compliance and can be developed as planned.


We will be responsible for the production of each component and complete all construction and installation work afterwards.


What are your benefits?

Expert consulting at your fingertips

We assist our clients at the stage of project planning. We proactively participate in the production of the initial concept for the production and warehouse building and its future use.

It is why we can suggest the most optimal solutions for you, develop a detailed quotation and, most importantly, facilitate the necessary building-specific decisions.

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Project completed on time and as agreed

We are not only a general contractor, but also a manufacturer of steel buildings. The vast majority of the components required are fabricated directly in our production plants.

This ensures that we maintain a secure stock of the necessary materials and can plan their production for a scheduled fulfilment and with the steel building handed over to you within a strict timeframe.

Full personalisation and customisation of contracts to the needs and nature of your project

Running production in-house gives us another major advantage, which is flexibility.

Thanks to the brands in the ADAMIETZ Group, we can quickly and precisely specify solutions to suit your project.

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Lower costs – without any agents or subcontractors

Access to a comprehensive service at a one-stop location, brings you another extremely important benefit, tangible financial savings.

With us, the construction of your warehouse building or production building of steel components can be less expensive by up to several dozen thousands of PLN.


Our projects

JUROTECH Production and Warehouse Building


Brökelmann Production Building


KAMET Production and Warehouse Building


Order a steel frame and shell building from its design to erection

Contact us by phone, e-mail or leave your details using the contact form.

Our experts will provide you with all the information you need.

    The administrator of your personal data is Adamietz sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Strzelce Opolskie.

    Construction of production and warehouse buildings – step by step

    How are our buildings constructed?

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    For the construction of steel buildings, plate girder structures or truss structures are used, as applicable. Plate girders are fabricated from steel parts and work as girders. They are found mainly in buildings that have indoor systems installed below the roof. Trusses use plate girder framing with I-beams and variable web height as the load carrying structures.

    We build framed transom walls in which personnel and driveway doors are installed. We use cold-formed sections and hot-rolled sections for loading docks. An often used support structure for the roofs is made of cold-formed Z-sections. They are mainly replaced with truss purlins if the building frames have a large spacing. Each of these elements comes with anti-corrosion protection.

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    All solutions are developed from individual plans so that the buildings we construct are adapted to the needs of our clients. They board high structural rigidity, robust construction and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

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    Depending on the client’s needs and preferences, external wall cladding can be made with a variety of materials. Our projects use sandwich panels, external sheet metal with mineral wool boards and coffers, or mineral wool boards in double-sides sheet metal.

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    Depending on their orientation – horizontal or vertical – they can be attached to the frame columns or a subframe. Sandwich panels serve both as a construction material and an insulation layer. Their core can be made of mineral wool, EPS or polyurethane foam, which is shielded with sheet steel cladding. The sandwich panel faces are coated with polystyrene in the customer’s specified colours. External sheet metal with mineral wool boards and coffers.

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    Almost every modern industrial building has a flat roof. They are commonly used in buildings with large indoor areas. They are characterised by high durability and resistance to weather conditions. Depending on the role that a particular industrial building will have, different types of materials are used to build the roof.

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    A PVC roof membrane is used, under which there is mineral wool, PE film and box profile sheets supported on the roof purlins. Exterior sheet metal cladding is used with a thermal insulation layer of soft mineral wool over a mesh of glass fibre fleece. A 14 cm thick insulation layer is then placed over the purlins. Purlin-mounted sandwich panels are also commonly used. This type of structure features two skins made of steel sheet and a support and insulation core, which determines both the durability of the structure and its insulating properties.