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Build a new building or expand an existing one

Hand over full responsibility for the design, paperwork and construction work to us. Get a building to use for your own business or make money on tenants.

In our portfolio you will find completed commercial projects, including shopping malls, car dealerships, and office buildings.

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Why choose us?

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We will understand your needs to lay it at the foundation of our concept and construction plan for your specific commercial project

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We will handle everything required to secure official permits and compliance with standards so that your commercial project is compliant and ready to use safely


We will take care of all stages of the construction process, from site preparation through procurement of materials and deploying human resources, to full completion of construction and finishing work.


What are your benefits?

Reliable return on investment

We develop each commercial building with attention to ergonomics, durability, efficient use of space and, last but not least, all your plans in due consideration.

This will provide you with a building that perfectly meets your business needs and, in particular, allows you to secure tangible financial benefits in the long run.

Development of each stage and project completion on schedule

The development of each facility is preceded by an in-depth analysis and detailed planning of every step of the process. We prepare the materials, determine their delivery schedules and plan the work of each specialist. Nothing can take us by surprise.

This ensures that your project will be built without any downtime, delays or rescheduling its handover.

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Complete services at a one-stop location

Our services will not only provide you with expert support from design engineers, vendors and contractors, but will also mean significant financial savings.

By concentrating your services at a one-stop shop, any work will take place more quickly and efficiently, plus you can reduce your expenses.

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Our projects

DEKADA Shopping Mall


Wilanowska Metro Park


PNT Science and Technology Park


Commission the development of your commercial or office building to profit from

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Our experts will provide you with all the information you need.

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