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How did it all begin?

Adamietz is a company established in 1994.

Its founder is Rajmund Adamietz, a visionary businessman blessed with extraordinary charisma, courage and intuition. Being a man of business, he is the one who pointed to the new directions of growth of the business. Whatever project he invests in, he always focuses on quality. This is an important feature of the Adamietz brand: constant vigilance for high quality. This approach to operations and business is something Rajmund Adamietz has brought from his home. He still lives in his home village near Strzelce Opolskie, where his ancestors ran their own business before the Second World War. Their legacy for Rajmund Adamietz is the genes of industriousness and a rock-solid Silesian upbringing. This was his start-up capital. Like thousands of Silesians, he travelled to Germany to work. There he established his first successful business. Yet, he felt that his place in the world was his hometown. It pained him that so many of his neighbours and friends had to earn money abroad and, consequently, live on two houses. That is why he returned to Poland and step by step developed a construction company, which over time grew into a corporate group and today operates successfully in other sectors, including hotels, food, farming, and even the media.

Rajmund Adamietz manages a team nearly one and a half thousand employees. He approaches team building like a national team manager. He has an eye for team players with potential. He likes to emphasise that he works with the best. Many key staff are his charges, as he is keen to rely on locals. When bringing people into the company, Rajmund Adamietz is always guided by their competence and utility in the team as a whole. That is why he successfully transfers experienced managers from all over Poland to his organisation. Under his watchful eye, the personnel form a well-coordinated and complementary team that raises Adamietz to higher levels of the business rankings every year. And the founder and owner remains a humble, kind-hearted man, willing to get involved in social or charitable initiatives. Since then, Adamietz has grown from a local niche company to a corporation capable of tackling any construction project in Poland and beyond.

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The company is climbing the industry rankings and growing consistently, improving its competencies in construction project services and increasing turnover. The company’s strength is its comprehensive approach to the project it develops. The company’s core business speciality is general construction contracting for the development of general, industrial and specialised buildings and design and production of cold-formed sections and sandwich panels. Innovation and new technologies have been the driving force behind the company’s development since the beginning. The Adamietz Group now relies on a strong manufacturing base on a scale unparalleled in the Polish market. Coupled with a highly qualified, experienced management and engineering staff, with its own teams for reinforced concrete casting and structural, roof and wall assembly, and cooperating with a circle of acclaimed contractors and professional specialist companies, the company has become one of the industry leaders. It develops investment projects ranging from warehousing and logistic buildings, through public facilities, to complete and complex industrial plants in the ‘Design & Build’ formula.


Our mission

We develop construction projects on domestic and foreign markets with the assurance of superior quality standards. We are guided by our care for customer satisfaction and by approaching every project individually. We proudly draw strength from our roots, focusing on developing the potential of our employees and taking custody of the environment for future generations.
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Our vision

People are our most important resource. The human being is our greatest value. We believe in empowering employees who develop and apply expert knowledge in creative ways and with commitment. Based on our experience and comprehensive services, we are reinforcing our position as a trusted partner with a global reach and its relationships with customers founded on trust and a guarantee of superior quality.

About us

Business Without Barriers

We are pleased to announce that Adamietz Sp. z o.o. has joined the ‘Business Without Barriers’ programme. It is an idea that supports people with disabilities in the tech job market. As of 2019, we have been using the Occupational Medicine Platform app and promoting the Legal Advice Platform among our employees. Both applications are provided and administered by Grupa AF Sp. z o.o., where 80% of the employees are people with disabilities.










Caring for the environment


We have been an industry-wide recognised brand for years

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Time off work

Work is not the only thing
that matters in life

Our employees
actively participate
in sports events

They represent the company
and spend their free time
on active leisure