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Revitalization of monuments and heritage protection in Strzelce Opolskie

As local patriots, we proudly contribute to the revitalisation and preservation of the heritage of our home town of Strzelce Opolskie.

By our engagement in the restoration of historic buildings, we do not merely focus on construction projects, but, primarily, contribute to the preservation of local history and culture.

🔵 We completed the following works for the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Lawrence in Strzelce Opolskie:
▪ We renovated the wooden St Barbara’s Church at ul. Gogolińska, including the landscaping of the surrounding area.
▪We renovated the historical tower, the former pre-burial chapel and the surrounding area, including the repair of the old wall and lapidary at Church Square.
While renovating the tower, we came across an important find for the history of Strzelce: a forgotten crypt with a sarcophagus containing the remains of the town’s former rulers, including Countess Margarethe Rederin, who died in 1600.

🔵 We completed the following works for the Municipality of Strzelce Opolskie:
▪We redeveloped the historic buildings at ul. Zamkowa to transform them into modern spaces that house a food and beverage establishment with exposed ramparts, and an office with a municipal archive, where historical mangers were discovered and exposed to show the room is a former stable.
▪We restored the 18th-century castle gate, including plaster work, renovation of architectural details and conservation of sculptures.

When carrying out each of these projects we were respectful of the cultural heritage of Strzelce Opolskie, contributing to the restoration and protection of local old and listed sites and objects.