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Project “right from beneath the Tatra Mountains”

The May weekend saw the opening of a unique facility in Zakopane near the lower cable car station PKL Gubałówka.

Adamietz completed for PKL Group, which was the Investor, a project that included the construction of a part of the city square together with a catering service building, internal installations and external infrastructure, as well as land development.

As indicated by the Investor, the external part was architecturally inspired by the original and historical form of the lower ticket office building under Gubałówka, designed by Władysław Stokowski in the 1930s.

Designed almost 100 years ago, the building had a very simple and modernist character. The vertical column structure gave off a sense of architectural rhythm and order, visible in the new PKL Group facility.

The newly created three-floor, 9 m high building with a volume of 6,696 m3 is sure to become a unique meeting place for tourists and local residents.

We invite you to see the results of our work.