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Szczepan Kusibab – INDUSTRY PERSONALITY 2021

Vice-President CEO and General Manager of Adamietz Sp. z o.o. Szczepan Kusibab received a special distinction of merit from the Editorial and Scientific Council of the Builder monthly. The jury recognised our chief executive for his effective management, successful expansion of the company’s potential and competitive advantages, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit, business intuition and support for important initiatives for the development of the construction industry. 🏆💪🏗👏

Our Vice-President is distinguished by courage, sound judgement in decision-making, and collaborative skills. When a crisis hits, he goes into action-oriented mode and consistently tackles challenge after challenge. Szczepan Kusibab does not follow routine patterns and approaches every challenge in creative ways. He has been with Adamietz since 2010. He is responsible for most business projects, project owner acquisition and corporate development at the company.