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Rajmund Adamietz – POLISH HERCULES 2021

Rajmund Adamietz, the owner and President CEO of the Adamietz Group, received the title and statuette of POLSKI HERKULES (Polish Hercules) awarded by the Editorial and Scientific Board of the Builder monthly in recognition of his personal success, authority and current position in business and the construction industry. 🏆🏅🏗👏

In particular for:

👉 Achievements in the growth of the company and building its strong position on the Polish construction market

👉 Reliability and stability of the business, efficient management, and successful expansion of the company’s potential and competitive advantage

👉 Industriousness and business intuition, which drive the growth of the enterprise, modern construction industry, and the economy in Poland.

Rajmund Adamietz is a businessman endowed with extraordinary charisma, courage and intuition. He is a business visionary who charts new directions for the company.