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Pioneering development – new animal shelter in Szczecin

We have completed an important project that holds a special place in our portfolio.
💙 A shelter for homeless animals in Szczecin, it is a unique building because of the function it serves, but also because it has been the first project of this type for  #ADAMIETZ.

✅ The Szczecin animal shelter at 1 Zwierzęcy Zakątek Road was built in compliance with European building standards for this type of facility, and the building meets the latest animal care requirements in force.
✅ A complex of five pavilions with a total area of 2,000 m2 offers shelter for more than 80 dogs and more than 60 cats, and was built over two years in accordance with specifications and contract.

🔹 Two of the pavilions will be home to dogs and one to cats. Each dog box has a separate roofed, fenced run.
🔹 A common run was created between the pavilions.
🔹 The establishment has also been provided with a visitors’ area, education rooms, veterinary surgeries, a hospital with an operating theatre, social areas, storerooms and offices.

The shelter was previously at al. Wojska Polskiego, but the building did not meet the requirements for animal care facilities. ⬆ The new location will allow accessibility for visitors who are interested in adopting or getting involved in helping animals.

Thank you to our team for the great job and to everyone involved in this initiative 🙌.