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Another unique task lies ahead. This will be a modernisation of a public facility carried out by the Leszno branch. After signing an agreement with the Stargard Cultural Centre, as the Investor of the project,  we proceeded with the reconstruction of the amphitheatre  in Bolesław Chrobry Park. The renovated venue will accommodate almost 4,000 people, and the stage, designed as a hexagon with an area of approximately 540 m2, will gain a canopy.

We are currently carrying out the following groundworks:

  • a retaining wall was constructed on the first level;
  • a spread foundation was poured on the second level;
  • grading of the ground for the third level of the spread foundation was started;
  • the site was prepared for heavy construction equipment to begin its works.

Planned completion date – March 2024. We keep our fingers crossed for success in the next stages of construction.