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Wall panel is a product used to finish interior and exterior elevations. The diversity of material, rich colors and different thicknesses of the lining combined with any way to laying – horizontally and vertically, allow to achieve the aesthetic appearance of the facade. It is used both in industrial, service, commercial and administrative buildings.
Wall panels are made of strips of sheet metal coated with metallic and organic coatings, guaranteeing long-term durability. All panels are covered with a layer of zinc, there are also options for using the polyester coating with thickness of 25 μm.


Technical parameters:

  • Width: 205 mm (lub od 200 do 400 mm)
  • Length: max. 6 m
  • Sheet thickness: 0,50 mm; 0,60 mm; 0,70 mm
  • Organic coatings: polyester 25 μm



Adamietz coffers are produced according to individual agreements with client so we can be perfectly matched to the needs of the construction. Therefore facades made in this technology are aesthetic and functional. Applying appropriate construction materials is vital to any investment. Through the use of modern products it was possible to fit the shape and color to present standards in the design of industrial or individual building facades.
To fulfill the expectations of our customers Adamietz company introduced a new system of building facades fully meeting the highest quality requirements. The wide range of coffers colours in our offer allows you to create visual effects and thus elevation advantageously distinguished from the surroundings.
The production process and quality control system ensure the high precision, the exact dimensions of maintenance, which greatly affects the accuracy and simplicity of installation. System of coffers is made of galvanized steel coated with a thickness of 1 mm to 1.5 mm or an aluminum plate 1.25 mm in thickness.

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