obiekty kubaturowe
obiekty kubaturowe

Adamietz Group is a valued manufacturer of large-volume buildings with particular focus on
steel structures.
We provide complex hall construction services, from the design to the finished facility. We also
offer professional modernisation of existing facilities, which we adapt to the investor’s
requirements. Whether it is a new production line that requires changes in the construction of
the hall or adaptation of the structure for new tasks – we have at our disposal all the technical
resources necessary for the job. We also provide advisory services.
We combine in a unique way the qualifications of a manufacturer and general contractor.
We own a production and sheet metal processing plant, where work ranging from typical
flashings to those more complex can be done, often upon individual orders.
Our clients are investors from Poland and abroad - always demanding, often loyal. For them,
a trustworthy and reliable partner is a guarantee of success in the market.
Almost every production facility, whether service providing or a commercial one, must possess
a comfortable and modern workplace for its administration. The departments of sales,
logistics, marketing, accounting, meeting and training rooms or management board offices
must form a unity with the rest of the facility.
Today, we are all aware how the environment, in which the work is performed, affects work
efficiency. From comfort to safety, from ergonomics to aesthetics

The offer of our company includes construction of complete workspace for the administration
employees. In accordance with the investor's requirements, tailored to its company profile.
Whether it is a typical manufacturing plant, service company, public utility building or a car
showroom – each project is equally important for us.

Always modern and visually appealing projects add to the company's future prestige.
The appearance of a building or office is often the flagship of the facility.
As they say - fine feathers make...

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