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We have been manufacturing and installing steel structures since 2010. We are recognised as a reliable partner both on the Polish and European market. Our customers stress our personnel’s expertise, their experience and skills. This enables us to fully use the potential of the workshop facilities owned by our company.

Our strength is modern machines and excellent manufacturing process organisation. This is why we can guarantee fully professional steel structure prefabrication methods. We specialise in two types of steel structures: sections and plates. We realise that it is only through continuous development that we can strengthen our position of a reliable partner in construction projects. This is why we truly care for high level of our personnel’s education, work efficiency, development of production lines and broadening of our portfolio. We respond to market expectations. Our business objective is stable and confident development and the highest quality of services!


FORMOPEX manufactures:

  • carbon steel structures; plates and sections (used in construction and industry),
  • machined steel structures (including crane girders, equipment supporting welding processes, tanks, etc.),
  • special purpose steel structures (e.g.: for power industry, power hydraulics, etc.).


FORMOPEX provides:

  • precision steel plate cutting with the use of plasma and autogenic technology using CNC machines,
  • Abrasive blast cleaning (to SA 2.5) of steel with the use of a specialist machine, MIG/MAG welding,
  • Submerged Arc Welding (SAW),
  • automatic and semi automatic welding with the use of specialist equipment,



  • automatic grit-blasting machine (with maximum grit-blasted element size of 450mm*2150mm*25000mm),
  • plasma CNC cutting machine, providing quality cutting up to 15mm, table size 2500mm*14000mm,
  • CNC autogenous cutting machine, providing cutting up to 100mm (table size 2500mm*6000mm),
  • multiradial drilling machine R=1500mm, band saws for cutting sections, max up to H=800mm,
  • guillotine shears L=2500mm,
  • steel plate punching machine, thickness up to 25 mm, diameter up to 25 mm,
  • pipe bender (diameter < 70mm) with pivot arm support,
  • automatic assembly and welding equipment, equipment for in-house transport, including
  • two 8T overhead cranes,

The company has obtained the EC Certificate of Factory Production Control in accordance with EN 1090.

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