ARPANEL – Płyty warstwowe

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In 2013, Adamietz sp. z o.o. started manufacture of the insulation sandwich panels. The panels, which are used for construction of roofs and walls in various facilities. Before the production process was started, it was preceded by three years of intensive preparations. During the preparations phase, we have developed and implemented the technology that allowed to start one of the most modern production lines of sandwich panels in Poland. Ourmethod is based on the solutions adopted on the German market, which is considered extremely demanding. The highest standards have been permanently incorporated in our offer and are its trademark in Poland and the European Union.

The ARPANEL system combines the current trends with the knowledge, know-how and wide experience of our team. It is the product of the top class specialists. It is more than the mere panels. ARPANEL is an advanced system that comes as a result of our over 20-year long experience in design and manufacture of lightweight cladding systems, supported by the analysis of the European markets and their needs. ARPANEL sandwich panels have been designed with three insulation cores such as rigid polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) and the rock wool.

Diversity is particularly appreciated by the project owners, designers and contractors, who may freely choose the appropriate solution for the insulation of roofs and walls depending on their needs and the occupancy type of the facility.

ARPANEL stand for Style, Quality, Functionality.

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